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When I was about twelve years old, I got hooked on Star Trek. Over the next three years or so, I absorbed all the Star Trek stuff I could find. I joined fan clubs, subscribed to zines, purchased every “special edition” magazine that was sold by the local magazine/cigar store. I built Testors models, painstakingly painting black or white windows on the Enterprise D. Thanks to a friend and his obsessed family, I attended convention. I ordered many items through the mail via catalogue. I taped every episode of TNG, which was easy because TNG was on three times a week at that point thanks to an amazing television station we could receive unless there was a storm over Lake Erie. In the centre of everything was the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek.

This is a blog about Star Trek, growing up as a Trekker during Star Trek’s Silver Anniversary and fandom in general. I also share thoughts on the newest generation of Star Trek stories, actors and fans.

If you like, you can contact me by email using the form below, follow me on Twitter or check out my Star Trek board on Pinterest.

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